Welcome to Painless Strategic Planning


Join us, strategic planning specialists and experts, as we reveal how to develop a strategic planning process for your organization—our proven Strategic Management Process (SMP) planning model was developed and refined over several years by Dobri Stojsic, founder and Senior Partner and Barry Linetsky, Partner of The Strategic Planning Group.  We have been facilitating corporate strategic planning for large and small organizations for more than 24 years. This unique process has been adapted for online users and is called Painless Strategic Planning.  This process is described here to make it easy for you.

We know how to make strategic planning relatively painless for busy executives who would rather get on with a plan than sit in an endless series of meetings simply discussing how many “angels can stand on the head of a pin.”  We wanted to put our unique process online for you so:

  • You can do it yourself
  • You would have an inexpensive method to do strategic planning
  • You can follow a process with templates to complete the entire end-to-end process
  • You can do it at your own pace
  • You would have the same benefits of our facilitated process except you will learn how to do it yourself
  • If you need some assistance, we would be available to guide you online

But painless doesn’t necessarily mean easy.  There is a lot of preparation, intellectual work, and a logical flow required to successfully create a viable strategic plan. What helps to remove the pain is a clear road map to follow, a process that focuses on eliminating the pressure points and putting out of the way other things that can become an unnecessary distraction, and being able to complete the process “at your own speed/pace”.

Now, for the first time the same proven process that has benefited thousands of executives in major blue-chip corporations all over North America in a workshop format is available through video training and eManuals to help guide executives through their own challenges with producing an effective plan. This proven process is also well suited to new start-ups, entrepreneurs, and small to mid-sized companies that have not done strategic planning because of a lack of process or the cost. You will be able to share this plan with potential shareholders, bankers and other organizations you might need to partner with to demonstrate that you have a solid game plan for the future. And if you want our help to advise you or even just to talk about strategic planning just let us know, we’d welcome the opportunity to help.  Finally, if you review the methodology and you like it, but want our help to complete it,  we’d be delighted to help.

Please look at our free video describing the ePSP technique and look at the descriptions of various sections of our process.  We think you will find this useful and meaningful if you are planning to do any form of strategic planning.