Strategic Objectives, Initiatives & Tactics

Strategy and Tactics

Defining Strategic Initiatives

  • You need to identify Initiatives that will have the greatest impact on each CSF. These are major projects.
  • Be specific about what has to be implemented to contain, reduce or eliminate the gap and achieve the CSF or mission. It must all relate to the Gap otherwise you may be wasting your time and resources.

You need to be specific about what you need to implement

Strategic Objectives
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You need an objective for each CSF to guide the actions.

Strategic Objectives should be directional but sufficiently tangible to align specific initiatives against them.

The objectives should relate directly to the period of the CSF's by articulating how the gap will be contained, closed or eliminated.

Strategic initiatives define precisely what is to be done.  These are major activities that may require resources across divisional boundaries and have full executive attention. 

Tactics will be those sub-activities within the strategic initiative that have to be implemented to ensure that the major initiatives are done thoroughly, completely and according to plan.

In this section, you will learn how to distinguish between strategic initiatives and tactics and what implementation details you will need.